Welcome to Riqueza.jp

Hi, I’m Jun who run this site.
I was born and raised in Japan.
I’ve traveled a lot of countries and my career started with an international work.

And I realized that Japan has highly exclusive culture.
Then it is very difficult to blend in this exclusive country for foreigners. Even if it’s just simple things like renting a house and buying a car.

I’d like to solve it and make Japan much easier to do things. Just let me know if I can help something.


2016-2020 CEO of Bridge&Brothers Inc,.
+Started my own company“Bridge & Brothers, Inc.” and currently operating a hotel business in Japan for tourists since 2015. My company manages 4 hotels with 40 rooms. My hotels have received more than 35,000 guests.

2013-2016 English sales rep for Nintendo projects.
Coordinated projects for Nintendo game-software memory devices with foreign manufacturers and Nintendo.

2013-2020 Lots of projects.
Supported overseas entrepreneurs for business launches in Japan.
Coordinated real estate business projects for hotels/ retail shops/ restaurants.