We don’t want to you to have difficulties for renting house or buying car. But Japan is exclusive for non Japanese-speakers. You might have problems on Japanese paperwork, we’ll support everything as you want.

Butler service

You need to someone who help your support on daily basis, we can prepare English speaking butler in reasonable price.


Japanese real estate market is very old-fashioned. They use papers, telephone and fax. The fax culture is living in Japanese real estate industry. Of course they don’t use email or internet properly. We have connections to real estate industry, then we’ll make find your place easily.


If you want to buy rare car in reasonable price, you need local connection. You can’t buy cars with English and online. We’ll support it with car industry people.

Visa/Registration set-up

Paper works in Japanese way. Japanese institutions have very slow process, it seems it takes forever sometimes. You might need us if you want speed.